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ElevenFit Juices


Delicious powdered drink with tropical fruit flavor for 1.5 2 Lt of water, or sparkling water.
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Delicious powdered drink with Tropical Fruit flavor for 1.5 2 Lt of water, mineral or carbonated. Alternatively, enjoy it in tea, yogurt or dessert of your liking!
No sugar, no calories (only 2kcal/100ml).
They have: wonderful taste, few calories, great variety, easy preparation.
Ideal for: diabetics, for people who follow a special diet low in carbohydrates and for all types of diets. It offers full daily coverage of vitamin C. Bio friendly and Vegan, does not contain preservatives. Our products do not contain Aspartame, nor Acesulfame K.
The easy dissolution of the Mix allows us to prepare many desserts such as jelly, milkshakes, jams, syrups, etc.
Creating an easy and delicious dessert can be as easy as dissolving a piece of the contents of a Mix envelope into yogurt, milk, vegetable drink or smoothie.
11Fit Mixes give an incredible taste to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cocktails, but also in many recipes.

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