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Kush – cous handmade 500gr. – Agrozymi


It belongs to the large category of oriental pasta, which are boiled in a little, measured water, are not drained and served with their juice. It has its roots in mediterranean yards, where women, with infinite patience, made small lumps of dough by hand and boiled them in little water.

Noodles with Milk & Eggs 500gr. – Agrozymi


Noodles. A word that carries memories of centuries. Smell of fresh pasta that dries in summer, on white sheets, in grandma’s house…It is probably one of the oldest pasta in the Mediterranean basin. In ancient Greece, we know that housewives made the “lagano”, a round and thin dough from flour and water, which, after drying out, was crushed with their hands and created a pasta similar to today’s noodles.

Screws with Milk & Eggs 500gr. – Agrozymi


The screws that we make in Agrozymi have a shape suitable for the pasta to hold in an excellent way any kind of sauce. They are ideal for salads, and buffet meals because due to their shape they remain unchanged in texture and taste even if they remain and are consumed after hours.

Taliatelles with Milk & Eggs 500gr. – Agrozymi


Italian name, Greek taste! Greek semolina from the heart of wheat, fresh pasteurized eggs and fresh pasteurized cow’s milk, from farms in Northern Greece.