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‘Kookie Cat’ Chocolate Chip & Vanilla Oat Cookie


‘Kookie Cat’ Μπισκότο Βρώμης με Βανίλια & κομματάκια Σοκολάτας


Με εκλεπτυσμένη γεύση χάρη στη βανίλια bourbon και γεμάτο με λαχταριστά κομματάκια σοκολάτας.



Therapeutic mixture with nettle leaves, canine casings, licorice pieces, molocha leaves, mint and calendula. A beverage of ingredients that promise more energy and health with ginger pepper flavor. Especially dear to those who avoid caffeine and tein!

African Bird’s Eye Peppers (Malawi)


They should be a staple in every spicy food lover’s kitchen!

African Inspiration


Amazing, therapeutic, peppery, spice! African Inspiration contains Rooibos tea, yohibe, ginger fibers, trivoli, cinnamon, green and black cardamom and malawi peppers.

Alfalfa Powder


Allspice (Grated)


Allspice (Whole)


Almond and cashew butter 250gr – The Nutlers


Almond and cashew butter is a mixture of the two butters. It is made from high quality varieties of almond and cashews and is delightfully fluid.

Almond butter with protein 250gr – The Nutlers


Almond butter with protein is our own almond butter with its peel and added organic pea protein. It is made from high quality almond varieties and is delightfully fluid.

Almond Drink with Sugar-Free Calcium (1lt)


100% vegetable origin, organic almond drink with calcium, without added sugar. It is made from almonds of certified organic farming.

Almond Flour


Almond flour contains high fat, and also high in protein, fiber and vitamin E. It adds a soft flavor to baked foods and dessert crusts. With almond flour, you can add color, texture and flavor to grilled foods, as well as to daily meals. Almond flour is highly nutritious and easy to use.