Whole Triticum Diccocum Spaghetti


The triticum diccocum wheat is one of the oldest types of wheat in Greece.



The triticum diccocum wheat is one of the oldest types of wheat in Greece. It i a mild cereal, cultivated though sustainable agriculture, while it does not need fertilizers and pesticides, being an excellent food while it gives high nutritional value products.
The triticum diccocum is one of the oldest cereal seeds since it has been cultivated in Greece since the Paleolithic period. Later, in the Bronze Age, other cereals such as monococcal, dinkel appeared, and later mutations such as soft or hard wheat.
According to findings in excavations in Asia Minor, triticum diccocum seeds were discovered from 12,000 BC. Besides, it is known that the ancient Greeks ate bread from this type of wheat, considering its value very important and nutritious. In ancient times they did not eat bread from plain wheat (monococcal). They had this as animal food and called it pyrro. We have relevant references from Homer in the Iliad but also from various classics. Indeed, it is said that Alexander the Great fed his army only with this cereal.

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Weight 0.5 kg

Nutritional Table

Nutritional Value Per 100g


Energy: 1493 kj / 352 kcal
Fats: 2,0g
-of which saturated: 0,4g
Carbohydrates: 68,0g
-of which sugars: 2,8g
Fibers: 10,9g
Protein: 12,6g
Salt: 0,08g


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