Risotto Basmati with Mushrooms – Anthili 250 ml


Delightful basmati risotto with porcini mushrooms.

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Basmati rice white long grain special super 87%, porcini mushrooms 4%, onion 5%, parsley 2%, carrot 5%, turmeric, (dehydrated vegetables), salt
250gr risotto with mushrooms
25gr butter
2 tbsp olive oil
700ml chicken broth
100gr Parmesan or pecorino cheese
1 glass of white wine salt pepper


1.Pour the olive oil into the pan or into a wide pot and once it gets hot salt and pepper and pour in the risotto as it is stirring constantly until it is golden and absorbs all the liquids (about 2′).

2.Pour the wine. Once completely absorbed by the rice, lower the heat in half and slowly add, with a ladle every 2′, a bit of broth (if you have not added a cube in 700ml of hot water and mix well to dissolve). The secret is to slowly pour the broth and stir constantly to graze the rice properly. Once you finish the broth then the risotto should be ready. If however the rice has preserved some of its hardness, add a bit more broth or water.

3.Remove from the heat and add the butter and parmesan. Mix everything together. This is the basis for any risotto, if we remove the mushrooms from the process and add ingredients of our liking such as vegetables.

It can be a first dish or it can accompany grilled meats, boiled, braised, etc.

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Nutritional Table

Dietary value per 100gr :

energy: 404,9 kcal ,

protein: 10,8gr

carbohydrates: 88,1gr,

sugar: 3,3gr,

fat: 1,4gr,

of which saturated: 0,3gr,

fiber: 3,1gr,

salt: 0,3gr