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Pulbiber or Aleppo pepper is a spice of Syrian origin. It is derived from a variety of pepper that is left to ripen to a deep burgundy color, then dried, deseeded and finely cut. It is extensively used in the middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.


It is much different from the regular crushed pepper flakes, because pulbiber consists only of the pepper’s dried flesh, that is allowed to ripen on the plant for a longer period than other peppers. It is mildly hot and has a sweet fruity flavor with cumin undertones. Also, it has a more oily, rich texture.


Pulbiber can be used in meat, soup, fish, legumes, eggs, in vegetable and yogurt sauce. Don’t hesitate to use it anywhere you can imagine, because the spice’s rich taste can be liked even by those who don’t prefer hot spices!


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