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Organic cookies with 100% fruity apple and strawberry filling. Individually wrapped, in small and convenient size, with designs depicting cute monsters. Without added sugar, artificial colors and aromas, they contain a portion of wholemeal flour to increase levels of fiber and vitamins.A delicious delicacy for children, but also that the grown-ups will hardly resist, since it is beautifully combined with tea, coffee and juice!

  • Suitable for babies from 18 months old.
  • Suitable for vegatarians and vegans.
  • The package contains 8 cookies.

Organix promises and guarantees that its food is prepared from organic, high quality ingredients without unnecessary additives or pigments and without the nutrients being removed or destroyed to suit the nutritional needs of babies.

Διατροφικός Πίνακας

Μέση Διατροφική Αξία/100γρ: ενέργεια 1827kJ/434kcal, λιπαρά 13γ,  – κορεσμένα 4.1γ, υδατάνθρακες 71γ – σάκχαρα 21γ, εδώδιμες ίνες 2.7γ, πρωτεΐνες 6γ, αλάτι 0.38γ, θειαμίνη (βιταμίνη Β1): 0.66mg.