Honeysuckle Oil 10ml




Honeysuckle is one of the most characteristic plants of Greek nature.

The aromatic honeysuckle oil is obtained by distillation from the plant under the scientific name Ronicera (L. caprifolim), of the Family of Rhodoids (Caprifoliaceae).


  • Soothes neck pains, headaches and asthma.
  • It has calming and muscle relaxant properties and is recommended for problems of insomnia, anxiety, neuromuscular tension, but also as a cardiotonic. Even for weakness, lethargy, nausea.
  • Strengthens mental clarity and memory, while soothing headache and migraine.
  • It has an insect repellent effect and is used in perfumery as it fights bad breath.
  • It has a pleasant and refreshing aroma, which enhances the sense of intimacy and relaxation.



It finds application widely in cosmetology (creams and body lotions) as it protects against aging of the body giving a silky softness and eliminating dryness.

A few drops can be added with other cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, creams. Add 4-5 drops to your bathroom and you will smell the whole place while enjoying a relaxing bath. In addition, 4-5 in the burner gives you the aromas promised by this essential oil.



Internal use is contraindicated, as it is used only for external use and for used in a burner.

The oil should be diluted for any use. It may cause irritation in people with sensitive skin, so a patch test should be performed before using it regularly.

It is not recommended for pregnant women and children.