Cinnamon (Grated)


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Cinnamon is a highly praised and loved condiment in the many cuisines around the world.

Cinnamon has been used since antiquity. It was thought of as such an important condiment that it was considered fit to be offered to a king or a deity.

This lovely spice is used mainly in red sauces and marinara sauces to enrich the flavor and give a piquant, sweet aroma. However, the most common usage for cinnamon is in sweets. Cinnamon is used in cinnamon rolls, it perfectly matches with apple, so it can be either used in a sweet, baked apple pie or directly sprinkled atop of freshly cut fruit. It is used to prepare hot chocolate, in combination with other spices and can be added in cookies, confectionery, coffee and tea.

Cinnamon has been also used extensively for its medicinal properties. It has antimicrobial, diuretic, antiepileptic, diaphoretic properties and it helps with digestion, as well as protect the stomach from ulcers.

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