Cheese Crackers – Organix


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Baked snacks with organic wheat, rice flour and fresh cheese. It tastes great and is made from 100% organic ingredients. It does not contain any artificial addition or addition of salt. It has a crisp, light, texture. The level of fat is at least a third lower than in most similar snacks. Suitable for children over 12 months. Contains 4 mini packs of 20g.

Organix promises and guarantees that its food is prepared from the best quality organic ingredients without unnecessary additives or pigments and without the nutrients being removed or destroyed. All foods are made from organic, excellent quality and natural ingredients to suit the nutritional needs of babies.

Διατροφικός Πίνακας

Μέση Διατροφική Αξία/100γρ: ενέργεια 1890kJ/449kcal, λιπαρά 14γ – εκ των οποίων κορεσμένα 3.3γ, υδατάνθρακες 67γ – εκ των οποίων σάκχαρα 4.3γ,  πρωτεΐνες 13γ, αλάτι 0.5γ, θειαμίνη 2mg. Περιέχει φυσικά σάκχαρα.