Black Pepper (Grated)

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Black pepper is a spice produced from the pepper tree.

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Black pepper is a spice produced from the pepper tree. The tree’s seeds are sun dried, giving us our beloved black pepper.

Black pepper has been since ancient times for its lovely spicy flavor. It can be used on meat, in sauces, legumes, soups, other spice mixtures and even in spicy desserts.

It is quite common to combine ground black pepper with turmeric, making turmeric’s properties much more potent.


Black pepper’s medicinal properties are also noteworthy. It has diuretic and perspirant properties and can help flush out and eliminate toxins from the body. It can promote digestion and help relieve or prevent dyspepsia. It can also prevent excess gas from forming in the gut and can act as a powerful stomachic. Also, it has hemostatic and antibacterial properties and if applied on a small cut or wound, it can help with blood clotting andprevent an infection.


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