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Mint Leaves


Mint is an aromatic herb in the mint family.  Native to Europe and Asia, it has been used for thousands of years for its pleasant, peppery taste and health benefits.

Spearmint Grated


Spearmint is a plant related to mint. It is a plant native to Europe and Southwest Asia. It has multiple pharmaceutical and culinary uses. Cooking, it is used in salads, in the mixture for meatballs, in lemonades when there is no fresh and in dips and dressings for salads.

Stay Fit


Amazing tea, with the most beautiful combination of fruits, flowers and other ingredients.



A balanced combination of lavender, lemongrass, beegrass, mint, blackcurrant, rose petals, orange peel, chamomile, chrysanthemum and calendula petals, comes to calm your body and spirit and amaze you with its mild floral flavor and lemony hue.