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Florida Fruits Tea


Mixture with rosehip husks, rosehip seeds, red hibiscus flowers, hippophae fruits, pieces of exotic mango and papaya, apple pieces, juniper berry, wild elderberry fruits, orange peel, rose petals, sunflower petals and blue centaury.

Slim & Slender


Mix with Pu Erh tea leaves, maté tea, nettle leaves, hibiscus flowers, canine seeds, pieces of exotic pineapple, mango and papaya fruit, carrot and hippo flakes, lavender, sunflower petals and bluet. Tea with fruity complexion and lemon flavor, amazing for slimming, when accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise.

Very Berry Mix


Mixture with canine fruits and casings, pieces of mango and papaya, clay, apple pieces, hippos, zaboukou fruits, hawthorn leaves, blueberry fruits, sunflower petals and green cardamom fruits.